Feather Blanket


Our blankets are all 
home crafted and one of a kind! 
Blanket is 36in by 36in
About our cuddle blankets: These blankets are made of two different patterns of jersey fabric. The softness of each fabric can vary based on the different content percentages that the fabric is comprised of. However, they are all made of two jersey blend fabrics! They are seamless around the edges and do not lay flat to make them more comfortable and cuddly for your babies. The weight of the blanket  may vary between light and heavier weight. If you have any questions regarding our blankets feel free to contact us! We hope you enjoy them!

This is NOT recommended for a sleep swaddle/blanket for baby. Blanket is heavier and is not made out of breathable fabric. Its great for cuddling your baby and bringing out in the colder months. Its the perfect Cuddle blanket! Great for older kids for a cuddle blanket as well!



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